After releasing two albums since 2018 and having his songs featured on BBC 1, NDR 2, Deutschlandfunk, and in rotation on Radio Eins, songwriter and musician Thomas Bewernick placed an advertisement in a Berlin Facebook group for musicians in 2021. His goal was to find collaborators for his newly written songs and a forthcoming album. Shortly thereafter, Dutch producer Hugo Tromp reached out to him. Tromp, who had previously created music for the world-renowned Tomorrowland Festival and performed with artists such as Steve Aoki, Armin van Buuren, and Tiesto, found this collaboration to be a distinctive and unique experience.

Bewernick, having spent years as a street musician traveling across Europe and the USA, sent Tromp the basic recordings of twelve songs—primarily guitar and vocals, with occasional overdubs. Inspired by Bewernick’s profound compositions, Tromp crafted captivating arrangements that precisely captured the emotions and essence of the pieces, elevating them to new artistic heights. The creative process was marked by absolute synergy; neither dictated to the other, yet their work harmoniously coalesced.

The two artists collaborated on their album "Across the Burning Skies" for two years, exploring themes of letting go of the past and embracing the present—a reflection of Bewernick's personal experiences during the songwriting process. The title track serves as an anthem, encouraging listeners to let old memories and fears dissipate and to embark on new journeys. The album cover, painted by Sandro Kopp, was created in the same collaborative spirit. Kopp painted a series of images while listening to the album, without knowing the title or the meaning of the title track, yet he managed to perfectly capture the album's soul.

“Across the Burning Skies” consists of twelve tracks that guide the listener through various musical genres. This debut album marks the beginning of an exciting musical journey for Thom and the Wolves, showcasing their creativity, friendship, and vision. The album was released on March 15, 2024, and has already garnered attention, including an extensive feature in the spanish edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.